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    Diu Fort

    Among the places of tourist interest, the Fort of Diu occupies a prominent position. It is an expansive and imposing structure, situated on the coast of the island. The fort commands a magnificent view of the sea. It was constructed between 1535 and 1541 AD after a defence alliance, concluded by the Bahadurshah, Sultan of […]

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    St Paul’s Church

    St Paul’s Church in Diu is around the 400-year-old church. It was constructed in the year 1691. It is dedicated to our Lady of Immaculate Conception. Description of St Paul’s Church, Diu Diu St Paul’s Church is considered to be the only church in operation in Diu till date. This 400-year-old church shares close similarity […]

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    Fort of St. Jerome, Daman

    Daman was taken from its Gujarati ruler by the Portuguese in 1531 but was only officially handed over to the Portuguese in 1559 by Bahadur Shah, the Sultan of Gujarat. Diu became a Portuguese colony in 1539 after the signing of a peace treaty by the Sultan of Gujarat, Bahadur Shah. The territories remained Portuguese […]

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    The House of Bocage – Moti Daman Fort (The Poet House)

    The House of Bocage (The Poet House) is often overlooked by the visitors as not much has been publicized about it and due to lack of awareness. However, the minute history associated with it is interesting. It is named after a Portuguese Neo-classical poet Manuel Maria Barbosa Du Bocage (pen name: Elmani Sadino), who was […]

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    The Fort of Moti Daman

    The construction of Moti Daman Fort commenced in A.D.1559 and concluded in A.D. 1581 when Daman was a Portuguese enclave. Exploring the fort is an opportunity to get a sneak peek in the history of Daman as you walk around it and scout through the comprising areas. Its walls encompass a large area of 30,000 […]

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