DANICS Officers


    List of DANICS Officer Posted In UT Administration Of Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu As 11/05/2022
    Name of Officer Charges Allotted
    Shri Ashish Mohan, DANICS A. CEO, District Panchayat, Daman with the following additional charges
    B. Director – Cum-Joint Secretary, DNH & DD
    1. Home
    2. Vigilance
    3. Forest & Environment & Wildlife
    4. Transport
    C. Joint Secretary, DNH & DD
    1. PRI & Rural Development
    2. Parliamentary Affairs
    D. Joint Director Elections, Municipal & Panchayat Elections, DNH&DD
    E. Project Director, DRDA, D&D.
    F. Joint Chief Electoral Officer, DNH & DD
    G. Secretary – cum – Convener, Police Complaint Authority, DNH & DD.
    Shri Pranjal J. Hazarika, DANICS A. Director-cum-Joint Secretary, (PWD), DNH & DD with the following additional charges
    B. Joint Secretary, Civil Aviation, DNH & DD
    C. Joint Secretary & Director, DNH & DD
    1. Agriculture, Soil Conservation & Horticulture
    2. AHVS.
    3. Ports & Light House
    4. Fisheries
    D. Joint Resident Commissioner, Daman House, Delhi.
    Shri Suresh Kumar Meena, DANICS A.Joint Secretary, Health & Family Welfare, DNH & DD with the following  additional charges
    B. Mission Director, NHM, DNH & DD
    C.Director-cum-Joint Secretary, Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs and Legal Metrology, DNH & DD 

    D. Joint Commissioner, Food & Civil Supply, DNH & DD. 
    Shri Karanjit Vadodaria, DANICS A. Director-cum- Joint Secretary (Finance), DNH & DD with the following additional charges
    B. Joint Secretary, DNH & DD
    2. Taxation (GST/VAT/Excise) & Budget
    3. Revenue
    4. Planning & Statistics (including publication of e-Gazette)
    5. Official Language
    C. Joint Director-cum-Joint Secretary, Mines, DNH & DD
    D.General Manager, OIDC, DD
    E. Head of Office
    1. Planning & Statistics, DNH & DD
    Shri Arun Gupta, DANICS A. Chief Officer, Daman Municipal Council with the following additional charges
    B. Joint Secretary (Urban Development), DNH & DD.
    C. Director-cum-Joint Secretary, DNH & DD.
    1. Tourism
    2. Archaeology & Archives
    3. Sports & Youth Affairs,
    4. Art & Culture
    D. Head of Sports, Daman.
    Shri Vivek Kumar, DANICS A. Additional District Magistrate, Diu with the following additional charges
    B. Deputy Collector-cum-SDM, Diu
    C. Chief Officer, DMC, Diu
    D. Chief Executive Officer (DP), Diu
    E. Deputy Director, Diu.
    1. Health
    2. GAD & Protocol
    F. Assistant Commissioner, Excise, Diu
    G. Additional Director, Diu
    1. Archives & Archaeology
    2. Labour& Employment
    3. Transport
    4. Tourism
    5. Education
    6. Information & Publicity
    H. Deputy Commissioner, Diu
    1. Mines
    2. Labour & Employment
    3. VAT & GST
    I. Asstt. Registrar, Diu
    1. District Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum.
    2. Co-Operative Societies.
    J. CEO, Smart City, Diu.
    K. Member Secretary, PDA, Diu.
    L. Principal, Government College, Diu
    Shri Shivam Teotia,  DANICS A. Director-cum-Deputy Secretary (Higher & Technical Education), DNH & DD with the following additional charges:
    B. Director-cum-Deputy Secretary, DNH & DD
    1. Skill Development
    2. Science & Technology
    3. Printing & Stationery
    4. Agriculture, Soil Conservation & Horticulture
    5. AHVS
    6. Ports & Light House
    7. Fisheries
    C. Head of Office (Printing & Stationery), DNH & DD
    Shri S. Krishna Chaitanya,  DANICS A. Director-cum-Deputy Secretary, Industries, Trade & Commerce DNH & DD with the following additional charges
    B.General Manager, DIC, DNH & DD
    C.Functional Manager, DIC, DNH
    D. ARCS, DNH 
    E. Director (IT), DNH & DD 
    F. Joint Secretary (IT), DNH&DD
    Shri Jatin Goyal, DANICS A. Director-cum- Deputy Secretary (Education), DNH&DD with the following additional charges:
    B. Director-cum- Deputy Secretary, DNH&DD
    1. Personnel & Administrative Reforms
    2. Tribal Welfare
    C. Director-cum- Deputy Secretary-cum-Deputy Director (Social Welfare and Women & Child Development), DNH&DD
    D. Deputy Secretary, Staff Selection Board, DNH &DD
    E. Director, District Library, DNH&DD
    F. Incharge of Monitoring Cell in Administrator’s Office, DNH & DD
    Smt. Charmie Parekh, DANICS A. Resident Deputy Collector (Silvassa) /Deputy Collector–cum–SDM (Silvassa) with the following additional charges
    B. Asst. Commissioner, Excise, DNH
    C. Deputy Director, DNH
    1. GAD & Protocol
    2. Public Grievances
    D. General Manager, SC/ST OBC & Mlnoritlea, Fin & Dev Corporation Ltd., DNH
    E. Chief Publltlty Officer, DNH
    F. CEO, Smart City Mission, Sllvassa.
    G. Deputy Commissioner, DNH
    1. VAT & GST
    2. Labour & Employment
    H. Employment Officer, DNH
    I. Chief Officer (Sllvassa Municipal Council)
    J. Chief Town Planner / Associate Town Planner, DNH.
    K. Member Secretary, PDA, DNH
    L General Manager, OIDC, DNH
    Dr. Apurva Sharma, DANICS A. Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat, DNH with the following additional charges
    B. Director-cum.Joint Secretary DNH & DD

    1. Tourism
    2. Archeology & Archives
    3. Labour & Employment
    C. Joint Secretary, DNH & DD
    1. GAD and Protocol
    2. Public Grievances
    D, Prolect Director DRDA DNH
    Shri Mohit Mishra, EG DANICS A. Deputy Collector (HQ)-cum-SDM, Daman with the following additional charges
    B. Asst. Commissioner (Excise), Daman
    C. Deputy Commissioner, VAT & GST Daman
    D. Chief Town Planner, DD
    E. Joint Director, GAD & Protocol, Daman
    F. Asstt. Registrar Coop. Societies, Daman
    G. Joint Commissioner, Labour & Employment, Daman
    H. Dy. Secretary, DNH&DD

    1. Urban Development & Town & Country Planning
    2. Home
    3. Vigilance
    I. Director-cum-Dy. Secretary, DNH & DD
    1. Information & Publicity
    2. Power & Non Conventional (Renewable) Sources of Energy
    J. Field Publicity Officer, Daman & Diu
    K. Member Secretary, PDA, Daman.
    Manoj Kumar Pandey, EG, DANICS A. Chief Officer, SMC, Silvassa
    Dr. Sunabh Singh, EG, DANICS A. Resident Deputy Collector (Khanvel), DNH