DANICS Officers


    List of DANICS Officer Posted In UT Administration Of Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu As 21/10/2022
    Name of Officer Charges Allotted
    Shri Ashish Mohan, DANICS A. CEO, District Panchayat, Daman with the following additional charges
    B. Director – Cum-Joint Secretary, DNH & DD
    1. Home
    2. Vigilance
    3. Transport
    C. Joint Secretary, DNH & DD
    1. PRI & Rural Development
    2. Parliamentary Affairs
    D. Joint Director Elections, Municipal & Panchayat Elections, DNH&DD
    E. Project Director, DRDA, D&D.
    F. Joint Chief Electoral Officer, DNH & DD
    G. Secretary – cum – Convener, Police Complaint Authority, DNH & DD.
    Shri Pranjal J. Hazarika, DANICS A. Director-cum-Joint Secretary, (PWD), DNH & DD with the following additional charges
    B. Joint Secretary, Civil Aviation, DNH & DD
    C. Joint Resident Commissioner, Daman House, Delhi.
    Shri Suresh Kumar Meena, DANICS A.Joint Secretary, Health & Family Welfare, DNH & DD with the following  additional charges
    B. Mission Director, NHM, DNH & DD
    C.Director-cum-Joint Secretary, Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs and Legal Metrology, DNH & DD 

    D. Joint Commissioner, Food & Civil Supply, DNH & DD. 
    Shri Vivek Kumar, DANICS A. Additional District Magistrate, Diu with the following additional charges
    B. Deputy Collector-cum-SDM, Diu
    C. Chief Officer, DMC, Diu
    D. Chief Executive Officer (DP), Diu
    E. Deputy Director, Diu.
    1. Health
    2. GAD & Protocol
    F. Assistant Commissioner, Excise, Diu
    G. Additional Director, Diu
    1. Archives & Archaeology
    2. Labour& Employment
    3. Transport
    4. Tourism
    5. Education
    6. Information & Publicity
    H. Deputy Commissioner, Diu
    1. Mines
    2. Labour & Employment
    3. VAT & GST
    I. Asstt. Registrar, Diu
    1. District Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum.
    2. Co-Operative Societies.
    J. CEO, Smart City, Diu.
    K. Member Secretary, PDA, Diu.
    L. Principal, Government College, Diu
    Shri Arun Gupta, DANICS A. Chief Officer, Daman Municipal Council with the following additional charges
    B. Joint Secretary (Urban Development), DNH & DD.
    C. Director-cum-Joint Secretary, DNH & DD.
    1. Tourism
    2. Archaeology & Archives
    3. Sports & Youth Affairs,
    4. Art & Culture
    D. Head of Sports, Daman.
    Shri Karanjit Vadodaria, DANICS A. Director-cum- Joint Secretary (Finance), DNH & DD with the following additional charges
    B. Joint Secretary, DNH & DD
    2. Taxation (GST/VAT/Excise) & Budget
    3. Revenue
    4. Planning & Statistics (including publication of e-Gazette)
    5. Official Language
    C. Joint Director-cum-Joint Secretary, Mines, DNH & DD
    D.General Manager, OIDC, DD
    E. Head of Office
    1. Planning & Statistics, DNH & DD
    Shri Shivam Teotia,  DANICS A. Director-cum-Deputy Secretary (Higher & Technical Education), DNH & DD with the following additional charges:
    B. Director-cum-Deputy Secretary, DNH & DD
    1. Skill Development
    2. Science & Technology
    3. Printing & Stationery
    4. Agriculture, Soil Conservation & Horticulture
    5. AHVS
    6. Ports & Light House
    7. Fisheries
    C. Head of Office (Printing & Stationery), DNH & DD
    Shri S. Krishna Chaitanya,  DANICS A. Director-cum-Deputy Secretary, Industries, Trade & Commerce DNH & DD with the following additional charges
    B.General Manager, DIC, DNH & DD
    C.Functional Manager, DIC, DNH
    D. ARCS, DNH 
    E. Director (IT), DNH & DD 
    F. Joint Secretary (IT), DNH&DD
    Shri Jatin Goyal, DANICS A. Director-cum- Deputy Secretary (Education), DNH&DD with the following additional charges:
    B. Director-cum- Deputy Secretary, DNH&DD
    1. Personnel & Administrative Reforms
    C. Deputy Secretary, Staff Selection Board, DNH &DD
    D. Director, District Library, DNH&DD
    E. Incharge of Monitoring Cell in Administrator’s Office, DNH & DD
    Smt. Charmie Parekh, DANICS A. Resident Deputy Collector (Silvassa) /Deputy Collector–cum–SDM (Silvassa) with the following additional charges
    B. Asst. Commissioner, Excise, DNH
    C. Deputy Director, DNH
    1. GAD & Protocol
    2. Public Grievances
    D. General Manager, SC/ST OBC & Mlnoritlea, Fin & Dev Corporation Ltd., DNH
    E. Chief Publltlty Officer, DNH
    F. CEO, Smart City Mission, Sllvassa.
    G. Deputy Commissioner, DNH
    1. VAT & GST
    2. Labour & Employment
    H. Employment Officer, DNH
    I. Chief Town Planner / Associate Town Planner, DNH.
    J. Member Secretary, PDA, DNH
    K. General Manager, OIDC, DNH
    Dr. Apurva Sharma, DANICS A. Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat, DNH with the following additional charges
    B.Director-cum-Joint Secretary, Labour & Employment, DNH & DD

    C. Joint Secretary, DNH & DD
    1. GAD and Protocol
    2. Public Grievances
    D, Prolect Director DRDA DNH
    Shri Mohit Mishra, EG DANICS A. Deputy Collector (HQ)-cum-SDM, Daman with the following additional charges
    B. Asst. Commissioner (Excise), Daman
    C. Deputy Commissioner, VAT & GST Daman
    D. Chief Town Planner, DD
    E. Joint Director, GAD & Protocol, Daman
    F. Assistant Registrar Coop. Societies, Daman
    G. Joint Commissioner, Labour & Employment, Daman
    H. Dy. Secretary, DNH&DD

    1. Urban Development & Town & Country Planning
    2. Home
    3. Vigilance
    I. Director-cum-Dy. Secretary, DNH & DD
    1. Information & Publicity
    2. Power & Non Conventional (Renewable) Sources of Energy
    J. Field Publicity Officer, Daman & Diu
    K. Member Secretary, PDA, Daman.
    Manoj Kumar Pandey, EG, DANICS A. Director-cum- Deputy Secretary-cum-Deputy Director (Social Welfare and Women & Child Development), DNH&DD with the following additional charges
    B. Director-cum- Deputy Secretary, DNH&DD
    1. Tribal Welfare
    2. Forest & Environment & Wildlife
    Dr. Sunabh Singh, EG, DANICS A. Chief Officer, SMC, Silvassa
    B. Principal, IHM, Karad